Open letter

I’m sure many of you reading this started golf thinking “this can’t be that hard!

The ball doesn’t move and all thats needed is to swing it back and hit it as hard as possible.” Then after a few swings and misses mixed in with some really well struck shots you begin to realize how hard this game really is, and how there is no greater feeling than a perfect shot. I’m not here to tell you that I have all the secrets, and that with me you will never miss another fairway while magically gaining thirty yards in your first series of lessons. I’m here to say that, although golf is a tough game, there are certain ways to swing a club that make it much easier. Some of the qualities of great golf swings that have stayed consistent throughout history are sound fundamentals, a centered turn, and a repeatable impact position. There are also natural tendencies or habits that every golfer has that is unique to them. This is where the concept of “matchups” comes in.

For example, I tend to struggle with hitting a hook due to a closed club face on the backswing. So, although it may be more technically sound to have the club face match the spine, I work on having the toe point to the sky because it “matches up” better with my tendencies. If there is a lack of understanding of how certain aspects of the swing “match up” then the golfer will improve at a very slow rate, if at all. I hope you join me in this journey of growing in this tough game! Because after all; there is no greater feeling than a perfect shot.

Josh Park


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